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Ready to detoxify and get healthy for the summer?

Sign up now for a fantastic detox class and 21 day detox program!  The class will be held on Friday evening, May 16th, at Hudson Naturopathic Clinic!  The class will cover why a liver detox is so important in today’s world and how you can begin now to clean up your home environment and your body!  We will be tasting the yummy medical food powder used during the program as well as some quick recipes and snack ideas.  The detox program is being offered at a discounted price and will include the detox class, all the detox supplements used during the program, a water bottle, and a fabulous detox cookbook with many recipes!  The class is limited to 10 people so sign up today by calling Hudson Naturopathic Clinic or email  See you soon!

New clinic address as of November 1, 2013:

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Caring Physician

I believe the human body has an innate healing ability. As a naturopathic physician, I view myself as a partner in my patients’ journey to restoring and maintaining their optimal health. Time and time again, I have witnessed how this partnership can empower my patients to make the changes in diet and lifestyle that enables them to achieve a healthier and happier state of wellbeing. Let’s take this journey together.

Anxiety, poor focus, and depression can be the result of diet and/or lifestyle imbalances. Not only can symptoms be controlled with simple lifestyle changes, but I believe these changes address the root causes as well. Modifying diet and lifestyle habits help to restore one’s mood and give them back their motivation. By forging a partnership with my patients, we can identify food allergies, vitamin and mineral deficiencies, and habits that act as roadblocks to their true, healthier selves.

This partnership is our opportunity to create the state of well-being you and your family deserve. As a first step, I gladly offer free consultations by phone or email. I look forward to working together.

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Dr. Hudson is very thorough! She takes time to listen and understand the issues that ale you. For example, I had been diagnosed with Meniere’s disease in 2007, my “other” doctor wanted to put me on the heaviest diuretic plus Valium.  It was then that I sought and found Dr. Hudson.  She not only helped me through it, but had compassion, patience and the persistence to get me well.

Female patient in early 40’s

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NEW YOU Healthy Living Weight Loss Program!

Are you discouraged with your New Year’s resolution to lose weight and get healthy?  It’s not too late! Get started now with a special program offered by Dr. Tanya Hudson.  Click on the pdf for more info!  NewYouProgram.pdf